I was –I’ll admit it –rather offended to receive a Tweet today from one of my favorite local brew pubs, 21st Amendment, advertising a beer they’d made called Spring Tweet. “Our ‘Twitter inspired’ seasonal Spring ale beer brewed for friends and neighbors at Twitter.com,” it said. OK, they are down the street from Twitter’s offices, but still. Beer can be inspired by a lot of things: the smell of Spring perhaps, or even Hunter S. Thompson. But Twitter?

Eager to find out who else had been moved by Twitter to create great works, I Googled “inspired by Twitter.” Hmmm. A YouTube video showing how to do garish eye-make-up blending in colors that were an homage to the Twitter whale that appears when your system’s overloaded. A very bad House of Holland fashion show documented on the Huffington Post. And shockingly, there were also Twitter-inspired cupcakes (pictured).

As far as I could tell, nobody had been moved by Twitter to create cheese, nor donuts, nor Starbucks seasonal lattes. But with all the brilliant marketing people walking this earth, I’ll just bet one of them is going to get it in their noggin’ to get inspired real soon.

Image source: Flickr member clevercupcakes under Creative Commons

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