Musician-slash-heartthrob John Mayer knows what the public wants from its celebrities:

Americans are celebrity obsessed, and that obsession shows no signs of stopping. So in an effort to stay on the cutting edge of digital technology and pop culture, I’ve decided to make the most personal facet of my life public.

My meals.

If I’m correct, America–no, the world–will want to see this.

So far, Mayer’s “mlog” is free, but he does offer up the caveat that if he should “go broke,” he may have to charge for access, so that he can “have the means to buy food to take pictures of and then eat.” The mlog currently displays intimate, titillating photos of his taco salad with tricolor chips, veggie burger with cheese, and waffles with a—you should sit down for this—side of bacon.

Response has apparently been so overwhelming that Mayer has watermarked his meal photos “to avoid unlawful publication in the media.”

“I want to be able to thoughtfully control my image. Of my food,” he bravely states.

Matt Armendariz of food blog Matt Bites thinks the gigantic watermark thing may be a new trend. If John Mayer started it, surely crowds of screaming food bloggers will not be far behind.

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