Pollanism, the doctrines Michael Pollan set forth in his influential book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, is making inroads in foodie circles, especially foodie circles in Northern California, ground zero for that particular brand of ethics and epicure. For those living in San Francisco, Pollanism is generally regarded as a good thing—what’s bad about people being concerned with the impact of what they put in their mouths?

But the restaurant industry—even restaurants in SF—may not take so kindly to rampant Pollanism. I had to laugh at an entry on the Line Cook blog.

I’ve noticed a sharp increase in what I call the omnivore effect…people who read Omnivore’s Dilemma and simply said, freak the fuck out. Example: Waitress A comes to the window on Saturday night and says: ‘I have a guest that’s asking if the lamb is local, if it’s from California, if we buy it from a farm, and if we do buy it from a farm, what the farm’s name is.’ I’m surprised they didn’t just ask what the lamb’s name was.

I’m only laughing because it’s true. Oh so true.

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