If you want to go Vietnamese for your lunch sandwich, you can score a banh mi for just $3. So why is it, asks Mission, that deli sandwiches run $7 to $10 these days?

Ted’s Market is “the most unsung sandwich place in the city,” says chipman, and ML800 cites their great daily specials, including roast pork. With regular sandwiches around $5, it’s packed at lunchtime but they move people through quickly.

“El Metate on Bryant Street has the best chicken sandwich on a roll,” says sfpizzalover. Just $5, it comes with a side of housemade soup (usually tortilla) and could serve two people.

The couple who run Guerrero Market & Deli make “big, delicious, affordable sandwiches with lots of love,” says vulber. The wild salmon BLT, at $8, is probably the priciest offering.

pauliface always stops at Courtney’s for some of their creatively tasty, inexpensive sandwiches before getting on a plane, going on a hike or to the beach.

And Lee’s Delis, ubiquitous in the FiDi, make good sandwiches with ingredients like freshly roasted, hand-cut turkey or real sliced roast beef, usually $5 or less.

Ted’s Market & Deli [SOMA]
1530 Howard Street, San Francisco

El Metate [Mission]
2406 Bryant Street, San Francisco

Guerrero Market & Deli [Mission]
701 Guerrero Street, San Francisco

Courtney’s [Contra Costa County]
2190 Meridian Park Boulevard, Concord

Lee’s Deli [Financial District]
Multiple locations

Discuss: I’m getting tired of Deli Sandwiches that cost $7-10. in the Bay Area. Any great cheaper ones?

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