Wunder Brewing Company’s pumpkin beer is everything that rworange had always hoped a pumpkin beer would be but that all pumpkin beers had failed to be. It’s a “boozy pumpkin pie in a glass–lovely spicy pumpkin bouquet, pretty pumpkin color and nice pumpkin and spice taste.” It’s great with the sweet potato fries, which come in a massive, salty, parsley-covered portion ($4 during happy hour).

Wunder makes real beers—flavorful and complex. A $9 sampler lets you try all seven, including a smoky porter, a chewy stout, and an habanero-flavored chile beer that, surprisingly, is actually pretty darn good.

Wunder Brewing Company [Sunset]
1326 Ninth Avenue, San Francisco

Board Link: SF: Wonder Brewery–sweet potato fries and wunder-ful draft pumpkin beer

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