From the sprawling pan-Latin menu at La Orquidea, one smart order is a baleada. A Honduran spin on the taco, this is a thick, freshly made wheat tortilla wrapped around beans, cheese, egg, avocado, or dried beef—or all of the above, the way Brian S got it. “The meat, egg, etc. were not mixed together; each had their own zone in the Baleada,” he reports. “And it was wonderful.”

On weekends, try sopa de caracol, a hearty Honduran soup of conch in deep yellow broth loaded with chunks of plantain, cassava, and pepper. “Redolent of the tang of the sea, rich in salty flavor,” Brian sighs, “it was everything I’ve always wanted a chowder to be—but never found until now.”

This old-school joint feeds Mott Haven locals morning to night, starting with different breakfasts for Guatemalans and Salvadorans as well as Hondurans, and wrapping up with hearty meat-heavy chow for the bar crowd. “A lot of people stop by for drinks on weekend nights,” Brian adds, “and I’d guess that the big sign warning ‘No bailar! No dancing!’ is often ignored.”

La Orquidea [Bronx]
500 E. 149th Street (near Brook Avenue), Bronx

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