Breast Practices: NY chef Daniel Angerer starts making cheese from his wife’s breast milk, and serving it as a part of a canapé with figs at his Chelsea restaurant, Klee Brasserie.  Kinda gives the expression “know thy producer” a whole new meaning. via New York Post

Operation Snake Oil Salesman: The FDA sends warning letters to several food makers for having “misleading” healthy claims on their labels, including Diamond nuts, Drumsticks, and POM.  Some wonder if the feds went overboard: who really thinks Drumsticks are healthy? via MedicineNet

Back to the Land: A Cleveland mall turns its glass rotunda into a big greenhouse for organic produce, while Detroit ponders turning a quarter of the city back into semi-rural land. via and Yahoo! News

Famines Aren’t Marketable: Denny’s stopped running a promotion tied to the 150th anniversary of the Irish famine for all-you-can-eat fries and pancakes after complaints that a starvation-based promotion wasn’t sitting well with people of Irish descent. via Media Decoder

Hollywood Goes Greenpeace: Film makers of Oscar-winning film The Cove conduct a sting operation on Santa Monica, California, sushi restaurant the Hump, which they allege serves illegal whale meat. via New York Times

A Good Read: The milks was chocolate; the cookies, buttercrunch”: Francis Lam ponders what he’s learned from Biggie Smalls’ lyrics about food, on the anniversary of the rapper’s death.

Thread of the Week: Commenters air their grievances about “annoying restaurant design flaws,” including “ambiguous” bathroom door labeling, candles that sit on the table unlit, and menus printed in “small, dark brown font on light brown paper in a room dimly light with yellow lamps.” via The Stew

Recipe We Want to Make: An adaptation of David Chang’s time-consuming kimchi stew, made quick and easy by Serious Eats.

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