Mofongo is a classic Dominican/Puerto Rican dish that elbev reverently calls “king of them all.” It’s not mangu, a gooey mash of boiled green plantains, and it’s not a canoa, a plantain split down the middle, filled with spiced beef and cheese, and then fried. Instead, mofongo starts with deep-fried plantains, which are then mashed with garlic, broth, olive oil, and, when the lily is being gilded, pork cracklings. Then, “if someone is being extra fancy,” says StriperGuy, they can make canoas de mofongo, patting the mofongo into a canoe shape, deep-frying it again, and filling it with meat or seafood. Yow!

Where can you get this paragon of fried meat and starch? Hounds suggest the mofongo offerings of Izzy’s, Cafe Latino, and Rincon Macorisano.

Izzy’s Restaurant & Sub Shop [Cambridge]
169 Harvard Street, Cambridge

Cafe Latino [Downtown]
2 Center Plaza, Boston

Rincon Macorisano [North Shore]
350 Washington Street, Lynn

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