Does it bode badly or well for a product when you can’t tell if the thing is a parody or not? The Batter Blaster, introduced to this writer via San Francisco DailyCandy, does indeed appear to be a real product. And if it isn’t, it needs to be: The concept is genius. Put simply, it’s pancake batter in a pressurized whipping-cream-style can. “Just point, blast and cook!” No measuring, no mixing, no splatters. To top it off, the batter is organic, and the packaging is recyclable (including the can’s plastic cap). I imagine the control you could get from the can’s nozzle might even allow for peace-symbol-shaped pancakes.

The Batter Blaster is obviously aimed toward noncooks, as the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website demonstrates. It seems like it would be great fun for kids. Aside from the crass consumer weirdness of batter-in-a-can, the Batter Blaster appears to be a handy, unobjectionable product. Why, then, does the commercial on the site (lower left-hand side) make me feel like I’m being conned?

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