Chowhounds remember the stuff their noncooking dads made—with lots of love, and not much skill. There was the canned soup (watery, burned) and a “clean the fridge” soup using jam, olives, leftovers, veggies, and you-get-to-guess-the-ingredients.

Fried bologna sandwiches with Miracle Whip or mayo are burned into the collective unconscious.

Charred wrecks of grilled protein also litter memory lane. One hound sums it up, “I always knew dinner was ready when I heard, ‘sh&t, I burnt the f*%g _’ and he filled in the blank with the name of the meat/poultry.”

And then there were the “healing” beverages: several references to guggle muggles (a.k.a. guggala muggalas), a concoction of warm milk, honey, and raw egg, whiskey optional, that loomed as a cold remedy.

squid kun summed it up for all the lame noncooking dads: “What he brought to the kitchen was attention and love.”

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