The unholy spawn of Subway’s Jared Fogel and Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock, Swedish blogger Johan has lost 60 pounds in 83 days by eating only fast food from Sweden’s Max Hamburger restaurants.

According to a post on A Hamburger Today, Johan’s MinimizeMe blog actually aims to motivate others to lose weight, no matter what method they use. Aside from eating a low-fat, calorie-restricted diet, he has been getting plenty of exercise through walking and even personal training.

And there are differences between Spurlock’s McDonald’s odyssey and Johan’s experiences with Max. The Swedish chain is known for its emphasis on reducing fat in its menu items, so Johan eats Max Slimburgers with mineral water and fruit salad, not supersized Quarter Pounder meals.

Will he become as famous in Sweden as Jared is here? With only a week left on his 90-day project, Johan seems to be “firming up” his future.

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