After the demise of much-beloved Porter Square Japanese market Kotobukiya last May, hounds have been eagerly anticipating the opening of Ebisuya in Medford. Reports are that it was worth the wait. It’s bigger than Kotobukiya was. Prices are a little higher on many items than H-Mart, but roughly comparable to Kotobukiya’s. RoyRon particularly appreciated one special touch on the shelves: A card that translates the Japanese name of each item into English.

There’s a great selection of Japanese snacks, instant ramen, and toiletry items, many more than at H-Mart, says chowmouse. There’s fresh mochi, premium Japanese brands of kombu and udon, and a rapidly growing selection of DVDs and magazines. The store has free parking behind the building, a boon for shoppers who have to drive to the store, which is far from T stops. The owner says he has permits for on-site food service as well.

Ebisuya Japanese Market [North of Boston]
65 Riverside Avenue, Medford

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Ebisuya Japanese Market in Medford

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