It’s such a drag when Mummy and Daddy are out to dinner and they have to lug along a container of baby sludge. Manhattan’s GustOrganics restaurant solves the problem with an entire baby-food menu that, as the New York Times‘ City Room blog reports, “takes 45 minutes to prepare a ‘chicken-carrot-bay leaf blend’ that costs almost $10 and will be refused anyway.”

A Daily News staffer tried Gust’s menu with her infant and seven other babies:

“As we mulled the menu, our waiter whispered what no parent wants to hear, ‘The baby food takes longer, just so you know.'” The crowd went ahead, asking the chef to hold the salt and sugar (and thus the flavor), and “Nearly 45 minutes later, piping hot glass bowls full of orange, green and beige mush arrived at our table.” The author’s child swallowed five spoonfuls of chicken/carrot/bay leaf and ate heartily of zucchini and mango/carrot/apple, the baby favorite.

Nine bucks is kind of a lot to pay for baby mush (particularly considering that making your own is so easy), but word is the regular food at Gust is pretty good, so maybe it’s worth it.

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