It’s been far too long since we’ve discussed meatball sandwiches, says Al Gore mand, who’d like to point out that one of LA’s finest is under our very noses—at the hound favorite Casa Bianca.

There’s practically a cult around Casa Bianca’s thin-crust pizza (the inner circle swears by sausage), so it’s pretty easy to overlook its sandwich offerings. And given the out-of-control crowds, it’s a good idea to get your sandwich to go.

There’s meatball in every bite of this sandwich, homemade and spiced just right. Also a fresh, crunchy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside roll (could it be from Eagle Rock Italian Bakery down the street?), melted cheese, and “a delicious sauce that your taste buds will confirm has simmered on the stove for several hours instead of just poured out of a jar.”

The only thing better than the meatball sandwich at Casa Bianca is the eggplant parm sandwich, but that’s for another time.

Of course, plenty of hounds were willing to jump in with their favorites, so the thread had far more recs than we could post here.

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie [Eagle Rock]
1650 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles


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