daveena kicked off a discussion of 2009’s top tastes with an ode to Oakland, where Commis, Adesso, and Pizzaiolo all rocked her world. Twice.

Commis’s egg yolk amuse-bouche managed to be cutting-edge yet familiar to the tongue, a custardy yolk matched with date purée, onion cream, and toasted steel-cut oatmeal. And the poached-and-seared chicken, well: “Fantastically silky meat, topped with crisped skin, this dish mocked my reluctance to order chicken in restaurants.”

Adesso’s arancini are just umami bombs with luscious centers of pork ragu. And the house-made salumi, especially the duck, is head and shoulders above the rest of the house-made salumi in the Bay Area, daveena says.

Pizzaiolo also brings on an ultra-refined pasta e fagioli, with “silky handkerchief pasta and gloriously creamy beans in a scant amount of flavorful broth,” and a wonderful gin and tonic, using house-made tonic “spiked with a garden’s worth of herbs.”

This being Chowhound, of course other hounds jumped in with their lists, too long to sum up here. Check out the thread!

Commis [East Bay]
3859 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

Adesso [East Bay]
4395 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

Pizzaiolo [East Bay]
5008 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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