It’s fun to zip into Chinatown on a weekend and scoop up some dim sum nibbles, but, for those not located nearby, the parking is prohibitively expensive. Hounds offer up some tips:

Hei La Moon, beloved by Chowhounds, validates parking with a “wacky” system blink617 spells out: “You pay full price to park at the garage above the restaurant, then go down to the restaurant and have your dim sum. On the way out, you stop at the restaurant’s front desk and give them more money (it’s either $5 or $6) for a parking voucher. You give the parking voucher to the garage, and they refund all the money you paid to park in the first place (so your net cost is just for the voucher).” Oh, and the dim sum’s good too.

There’s also a garage at Beach Street that charges $10 for the day and can be less with validation: “Since the silver line eliminated much of the meter parking in Chinatown, almost every store and restaurant in Chinatown is now validating parking for the Beach Street garage … Look for the sign in the window and don’t be shy about asking to get your parking ticket validated,” says azra.

Hei La Moon [Chinatown]
88 Beach Street, Boston

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