It might be nice to think that chefs whip up amazing food all the time, even at home on a night when the white jackets are in the laundry. But the reality is much more basic. Shuna Fish Lydon, of noted food blog Eggbeater, talks about simple dishes at home:

Sometimes I make the strangest meals at home. I look at what everyone else is conjuring and blogging about: spending hours in the kitchen peeling nuts, filleting fish, making souffles, wrapping figs in bacon… and I’m here to report my meals are simpler, and quirkier than all this fuss. … I go through phases of eating one dish or one food group for a number of months, making many variations on ‘the same thing’ over and over. … I use a lot of olive oil, black pepper and Kosher salt. Everything after is extra. It’s not that I don’t believe in fresh herbs and spices, but I rarely think (remember) to use them.

Shuna is not the only chef taking it easy when she’s off the line. On the message board ChefTalk, which bills itself as “a food lover’s link to professional chefs” (um, OK, like they are supposed to perform for us foodies—after they’ve fed us, right?), chefscooter77 posted the following:

if i am not entertaining i like to cook as little as possible … frozen pizza’s [sic] and erbert and gerbert’s (local sub chain) know me by a first name basis.

The majority seem to agree that simple is best. “When I’m not chowing on frozen pizzas and burritos at 1am, I like to make it simple,” writes Pete. “I love to cook at home, but with so few days off I prefer to spend [them] with my girlfriend, not spending the day in the kitchen cooking for her.”

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