The crowds that flock to London’s Borough Market and Covent Garden Market often include many local shoppers—but these daytime food bazaars have also become tourist destinations. Visitors from near and far wander through the stalls, many of which are run by artisanal food purveyors, and purchase treats like Italian olive oil, Spanish cheese, Cornish oysters, and handmade pastries and fudge. Now, the Covent Garden folks are running a night market on Thursday evenings in August, but one blogger for the Guardian was disappointed to find that it’s very similar to the successful Covent Garden daytime market:

I realised that somewhere in my subconscious that with the words night market, I’d—fool that I am—conjured up an image of the night markets and street stalls of Bangkok—chilled Singha beer, sweet and spicy salads on cheap tables … pungent street smells competing with the fragrant scent of tom yum goong, pad thai and bulging prawn dumplings.

Unfortunately, none of these delicacies from Bangkok have made it into the Covent Garden stalls (yet), and compared to night markets around the world, some readers consider this pricey market “an over-sanitised rip-off.” However, for those who work long hours during the days—and make enough money to afford Covent Garden’s offerings—the new evening hours are very much appreciated.

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