I’ve heard of cookie-baking parties, canning parties, I’ve even been to a tamale-making party, but when I read on the blog Married … with Dinner about Cameron and Anita’s sausage party, it was a first for me. Just a nice Sunday afternoon with four friends, four KitchenAids (meat-grinder attachments required), and 25 pounds of pork shoulder.

We stuffed a French-style garlic saucisse – courtesy of Michael Ruhlman’s acclaimed Charcuterie — into stout links, curled Kasma’s recipe for spicy sai oa into a hog-casing spiral, squeezed delectable Kentucky-style breakfast sausage into petite sheep casings (plus a few patties), and parceled out our spicy Mexican chorizo in bulk. Even after a hearty sampling, everyone went home with a bit more than a pound of each flavor, with no more effort than making a single batch on their own.

And that’s gotta be the best part of a sausage fest—your “party favors” fry up quite nicely the next morning, with eggs and hash browns on the side.

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