For those keeping track of the multiplying Southeast Asian chow options in the Bronx, here’s something to look forward to. Phung Hung, a grocery store that also served great, homey Vietnamese food, has unfortunately closed for renovations—but its owner swears it’ll reopen in September as an actual restaurant.

When it does, rose water advises, check out its chicken soup: a light, delicate, fragrant, chicken-y and lemony broth, with tender shreds of chicken, scallions, and loads of fresh cilantro. It comes with lime, jalapeño, mint, lettuce, and mung bean sprouts, a big satisfying bowl for $5. Past reports praise shrimp summer rolls, grilled lemongrass chicken over rice, banana-rice sweets, and house-made lemonade, among other things.

Phung Hung Market [Bronx]
2614 Jerome Avenue (at E. 193rd Street), Bronx

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