Suppenküche is some of the best German food Dave MP has ever had. Try starting with a pickled herring appetizer; Dave MP says he’s never seen a plate of pickled herring disappear so quickly. The fish itself is smoky and meltingly smooth; it comes with beets, slaw, and an apple-pickle-mayo salad.

Skirt steak is awesomely delicious—a large steak topped with a mound of truffle butter. Be warned: If you order it medium, it’ll come well done. It doesn’t actually matter; it’s so thin that even when it’s well done, it’s still excellently tender. Excellent potatoes, too, reminiscent of a good platter of home fries and bacon. Also: good trout in lemon butter sauce, comforting cheese spätzle, and excellently sauced portobello mushrooms.

Suppenküche [Hayes Valley]
525 Laguna Street, San Francisco

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