The other day I was delighting in a bottle of Racer X, and as I pulled the neck away from my lips, I idly paused to wonder, “Hmm, how many calories are in this thing, anyway?” A quick peek at the label confirmed that there was no information there to harsh my mellow.

That all might change if the Treasury Department has its way. With everyone from New York City residents to Bill Clinton jumping onto the nutrition bandwagon, the Treasury Department is proposing a rule that mandates nutrition labels for all alcoholic beverages. The info would include the number of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for a standard serving size. Companies could also include the alcohol content.

But don’t start planning your diet yet. As the blog Beer (& More) in Food points out, the change won’t happen for at least three years.

While light beers have long been required to label with calorie and alcohol content, this will be a change for other types of beer and liquor. My favorite element of the new label will be the serving size. I kid, but will providing a serving size on the bottle help people make more informed decisions when drinking?

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