Homer would be proud—there are hordes of people bellying up to the counter at the new Simpsons-themed convenience stores. In a month-long promotion for the July 27 release of The Simpsons Movie, a dozen 7-Eleven stores have been transformed into Kwik-E-Marts, with Buzz Cola, KrustyO’s, and Squishees for sale (but sadly, no Apu at the cash register).

Good move—according to the LA Times (registration required), response to the promotion is far exceeding expectations, and business is up 300 percent at one of the Los Angeles–area stores. “I never thought we were going to do this kind of business,” said the owner. “‘The Simpsons’ fans are spending money like crazy.” The Burbank location has already sold 57,510 doughnuts—the pink-glazed Sprinklicious variety, of course.

There are ATMs from the “First Bank of Springfield,” campaign posters for Mayor Quimby, and one of the stores has really gotten into the spirit of things with some graffiti on the back of the building—“Skinner stinks,” signed by El Barto.

The promotion ends soon, so if you want to get that last Sprinklicious you had better hurry. Especially if you want to beat the Chowhounds.

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