Bat Guano is aesthetically disturbed by a certain malt beverage from Costa Rica. It’s a syrupy-sweet nonalcoholic concoction of malt and hops, and it tastes like unfermented wort. No matter what you mix the drink with, its sweetness overwhelms everything. Josh notes that you can often find this stuff in Latin markets; MVNYC says the generic term for it is malta, and it’s popular in India as well as in Latin America. Check the Latin American section of your grocery store if you’re interested; Goya brand is fairly common. “I have mixed it with beer on occasion when I’m trying to slow down my alcohol intake. Something really hoppy and/or alcoholic works to cut the sweetness,” says JessKidden. “I think of it as a non-alcoholic really-really-really sweet stout.”

Even if you don’t manage to acquire the taste for malta, you may want to seek it out. Some home brewers keep it on hand to use as the base for a yeast starter, says evans.

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