Somewhere in Giada De Laurentiis’s seductive photo shoot for Esquire magazine there’s a great food pun, but darned if I can find it. The Food Network star and Barilla pasta spokesperson, following in Cat Cora’s footsteps, poses drenched in tomato sauce, because, Esquire explains, she “uses two thirty-two-ounce cans of tomatoes every day,” and, “over the course of a year, that’s…a lot of red sauce.” Uh-huh, makes perfect sense.

That De Laurentiis is one hot tomato! What a saucy lady! (Get it: saucy??) Yessir, she’s a real cheesecake! Cupcake? Sweetie pie?

OK, I give up. To be honest, I’m with Sarah Gim over at Slashfood—I think De Laurentiis’s photo shoot is more icky than spicy.

Clearly, however, it’s a matter of taste, since Michael at the blog Innocent Bystanders is now considering a new use for his heirloom tomatoes …

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