Off the menu—but on hound radar, thanks to HLing—is one killer shrimp dish at Fishers of Men II. Just ask for “Butt Naked Shrimp.” Tossed into the fryer without batter, they come out “pop in your mouth” juicy, HLing promises. “I hadn’t tasted such delicious shrimp anywhere for a long, long time.” (On the menu are two other takes on fried shrimp, with plain or seasoned batter.)

Also recommended: fish sandwiches, made not with prefab fish sticks but with actual whiting fillets, seasoned with “just the right salty zing,” lightly battered, and fried up crisp and light. Among other things, Fishers also serves coleslaw, collard greens, and grits (all day long, not just for breakfast).

The third location of a fish-frying minichain, Fishers of Men II replaced a Papaya King hot dog joint but kept the old sign and the old menu, which it continues to offer. Expect decent, if not world-changing, all-beef dogs plus smoked sausages, Cajun fries, and tropical drinks like papaya smoothies.

Fishers of Men II [Harlem]
Formerly Papaya King
121 W. 125th Street (between Lenox and Seventh Avenue), Manhattan

Fishers of Men [Harlem]
32 E. 130th Street (between Fifth Avenue and Madison), Manhattan

Famous Fish [Harlem]
684 St. Nicholas Avenue (at W. 145th Street), Manhattan

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