A former manager of a New York City Indian restaurant has filed a lawsuit seeking millions in damages and an injunction preventing an episode of restaurant-in-crisis series Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares from being aired. Martin Hyde, who lost his job after Gordon Ramsay began advising Manhattan’s Dillons restaurant, accuses the chef of faking drama and hiring actors to pretend to be customers.

Wait just one second here, I have to break in: reality shows faked?! What’s next? Brewing a noxious mess of soybean oil and sodium benzoate and pretending it tastes exactly like butter?

Ramsay was accused of similar doings last year, but he won a libel lawsuit against the UK paper the Evening Standard, which claimed Ramsay purposely hired a fumble-thumbs of a chef to make English bistro Bonaparte’s fail more dramatically for the British version of Kitchen Nightmares. So I guess that wasn’t really true, but now here’s this other guy accusing Ramsay of faking stuff … huh.

In any case, Hyde claims he was forced to quit Dillons due to Ramsay’s abuse, and that Ramsay falsely said meat was spoiled in the Dillons kitchen. Hyde also alleges that Ramsay hired actors to crowd Dillons at the end of the episode, implying that Ramsay’s expert advice had lured more customers in the door.

Ramsay’s lawyers made noises in the press about countersuing for a “malicious falsehood,” but my guess is that Ramsay’s camp is delighted to have a little extra publicity mere months before Kitchen Nightmares is slated to start airing in the United States. God knows they’re doing all they can to position the guy as misunderstood.

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