A new Peruvian place has opened in West L.A., called Qusqo. The name is the Inca version of Cuzco, the closest city to Peru’s famed Machu Picchu.

The local delicacy in Cuzco is actually roast guinea pig, but that doesn’t matter much here—Qusqo specializes in seafood, and it’s sparkling fresh. Ceviche, shrimp chowder are excellent, as are the grilled or baked fish mains.

For appetizers, the tamales, potato cakes, and couscous salad are all good bets. Even a green salad stands out with crunchy-fresh corn and beautifully ripe, creamy avocado, according to Bria Silbert.

The restaurant has a cool, arty vibe that goes with its alter ego as a gallery (if you like the art on the walls, you can buy it). It’s a small place, though, with room for about 25 inside and a few more outside.

Qusqo Bistro & Gallery [West L.A.]
11633 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

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