As fans gear up for the June 13 premiere of Top Chef’s third season, it appears that the show is learning a second language. In an effort to appeal to Latino viewers, Bravo struck a deal with its sister network, Telemundo.

However, reading between the convoluted lines of the Broadcasting & Cable story …

Bravo and Telemundo have teamed up to produce a multi-faceted promotional partnership for the third season of Bravo’s hit cooking show Top Chef. The new deal will span platforms, with both digital initiatives and in-show promotions.

… it doesn’t sound like Top Chef will actually be broadcast in Spanish on Telemundo, just that there will be placement and spots and stuff.

Andy Dehnart at the blog Reality Blurred writes:

Why are they doing this? Apparently because the third season is set in Miami, and as any overgeneralizing person knows, Miami equals Latinos. If NBC Universal owned Logo, would Bravo have done this for the first season, which was set in San Francisco?

I think it’s great that Top Chef is thinking of its Spanish-speaking audience, but it’s too bad that the same audience in California didn’t spur the show into such movements during season one in San Francisco and season two in Los Angeles.

Cross-promotion between the two networks will include an episode set at a mansion featured in Dame Chocolate. Dame Chocolate (Give Me Chocolate) is a Telemundo telenovela, and the Top Chef cheftestants will be tasked with preparing an “authentic Latin meal” for the soap’s stars.

It looks like former cheftestant Carlos Fernandez, who was sent home in the sixth episode last season, is going to make out like a bandit with this new deal. Not only will he be blogging in English for Bravo’s site and in Spanish for the Yahoo! Telemundo site, but he will also have three venues to prepare the week’s winning recipe: He’s got a weekly cooking spot on Cada Dia, a Telemundo morning show, and he will host two webisodes. One of these, Miami Spice: Hot Recipes with Latin Flavor, will be hosted on Bravo’s site and be in English, and the other, Sabrosazo’n, will be on Yahoo! Telemundo in Spanish.

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