About 10 years ago, Coca-Cola set the Guinness World Record for largest ice cream float, with a whopper of a drink containing 2,085 gallons. Friday, it set about to break its own record as a way to celebrate the relaunch of Vanilla Coke.

The Guinness World Records officials were on hand to judge that the 3,000-gallon float, composed of Vanilla Coke and ice cream and poured into a 15-foot-high glass, was definitely the largest ice cream float on record. While it had to be drinkable to make the record book, this 15-foot beauty was not consumed by anyone.

Instead, it was to be removed and disposed of by a garbage company. Coke provided separate, free ice cream float samples from a nearby kiosk.

Although I adore a good Coke float—I think my grandfather called them Texas Coolers—the idea of disposing of that much Coke sort of scares me.

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