Aprons are back, says the Modesto Bee in “Shield & Protect,” a story that cannot seem to stop making apron jokes. To wit:

Women are tying one on again.

After cutting the strings to what had become a symbol of domesticity, they’re rediscovering the apron.

Tying one on! Get it?

The story itself offers scant proof that aprons are indeed back; a couple of party hostesses spotted wearing them and a quote from an author who wrote a book on aprons doth not a trend make. However, writer Sharon K. Ghag does make the point that all things domestic are currently hot, and the thirty- and fortysomethings sensibly shielding their clothes from kitchen splashes are too young to view aprons as loathsome symbols of June Cleaver’s oppression.

But why are we talking politics when we could be talking about lovely aprons?

There’s the half apron, the frilly and see-through hostess apron, the smock apron and the half apron with bib. … [A]prons didn’t enjoy their heyday as a fashion accessory until women retired their Rosie the Riveter work aprons after World War II and returned to domestic life. They once again had opportunity to sew and embroider, and they used their spare time to trim their aprons with embroidery, lace, tatting, cross-stitching or crocheted borders.

What’s that you say? Will you show us some pictures of dear little aprons? Why yes, I will! Here are two homemade numbers in green—can’t you picture your mom threading up the Singer to make one of these? How about this one from the ’30s? One apron-lover actually found apron pants! Oh my God, will you check out the gorgeous apron montage here?

Got your appetite whetted for a sweet pants-protecter of your own? Domestic-arts blogger NotQuiteJuneCleaver is giving away a dozen vintage beauties to readers who explain why they love aprons.

It’s sad that we here at the Grinder forgot to celebrate National Wear Your Apron Day, but now that the garments are on your radar I’m going to be expecting to see a lot of you donning your ’prons. Don’t disappoint me. I prefer the over-the-head pinafore style. Thank you.

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