We’ve all witnessed it once or twice: the out-of-control customer with unreasonable demands who just won’t leave well-enough alone. This week, food blogger Garrett has just such a story on his blog, Vanilla Garlic, about a coffee shop face-off that ends unexpectedly:

‘What do you mean no free re-fills!?’

‘Sir, I’m sorry,’ said the high school age, part time, coffee shop person behind the counter. ‘We don’t offer re-fills on mochas.’

‘WHAT KIND OF COMMUNIST COFFEE SHOP IS THIS!?’ as he slammed his fist on the counter.

This guy was totally losing it. Like might start waving a gun and offing people losing it. The poor girl was petrified. As was pretty much everyone else. The whole place went silent. Where the hell was the management?

‘I’m sorry sir,’ she trembled and stuttered, trying to find her words, ‘I don’t think any place does.’


In the end, the customer gets his just deserts from a most unlikely source. Go read the story—it’s a good one. And make sure you’re on good behavior in your local coffee shop. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

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