Morton the Mousse thinks that ’wichcraft has the best pastrami in the whole Bay Area. They use David’s Old World Pastrami, produced locally; it has the right amount of smoke, with a well-defined flavor beyond the smoke, and a nice amount of fat, too. They pile the pastrami much thicker than most Bay Area spots. The meat is warm, the cheese is melted, the bread is toasted, and everything tastes fresh. With this level of execution, portion size, and ingredient quality, it’s hardly unreasonable to pay $6 to $9.50 per sandwich.

The meatloaf sandwich is also great, and Debbie M recommends the fried egg breakfast sandwich and all the soups she’s tried.

When you’re there, definitely try the sandwich cookies—especially the peanut butter sandwich cookie, with crisp, crunchy cookies surrounding smooth peanut butter filling.

“I’ve lived my whole life in California, and as much as I enjoy talking smack about East Coasters, this is one New York import that deserves our respect,” says Morton the Mousse.

’wichcraft [Mission]
868 Mission Street, San Francisco

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