Hold onto your pearls, all you obsessive dieters out there, because you might be packing on the ounces year after year and not even know why. According to a blurb in the May issue of Health magazine, the average woman ingests between two and four pounds of lip gloss over the course of her lifetime!

Never fear: Before you put yourself on a lip gloss diet, there is now some stuff that’s actually good for you. According to Health:

Tarte cosmetics has teamed up with supplements brand Borba to create a line of vitamin-infused glosses called Inside Out, which they say is good for your lips and complexion.

What a world we live in. First, drinking fruity cocktails is healthier than eating plain fruit, and now makeup is good for us!

Each of the three new pomegranate-scented shades from Tarte ($21) is chock-full of extracts: Acai and green tea work to clarify your skin, litchi is there for hydration, and chamomile soothes and decreases redness. (But hopefully not in your actual lips.)

Being an extreme cosmetics whore, I’m already clicking over to Sephora, because the Apple-A-Day shade might be just what the beauty doctor ordered.

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