The first ever Smallest, Coolest Kitchen Contest is on over at Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen, showcasing spaces that measure 65 feet and under. Even if you don’t have a shoebox (whoops, I mean jewel box) of a kitchen, it’s worth checking out for unique design ideas and tips on how to make your culinary workspace efficient and pretty.

They are posting the 20 finalists, one a day, with about half of the entries already up. There’s a wealth of ideas for those who are thinking about a kitchen renovation of any size, from where to get affordable custom cabinets to what to do with your collections when you lack the space to store them away. These small but charming kitchens will inspire you—or at least make you stop complaining about what you’ve got.

And for those with great ideas for small kitchen fixes, submit them to CHOW. We’re looking for DIY wisdom on how to get the most out of the least.

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