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As most know by now, major cities across the world have ordered restaurants and bars to shutter their doors temporarily, allowing only delivery and takeout during the COVID-19 outbreak. For many restaurants, who generally operate within tight margins as it is, this could have lasting implications, and there is a legitimate chance some of them won’t survive.

More Ways to Help5 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Businesses During COVID-19You might be wondering how you can help. Beyond ordering takeout, where possible, you can buy gift cards now to use later when they reopen. Yet another way—and one that could also provide some relief from your own quarantine boredom in addition to a restaurant’s financial woes—is to buy their cookbook

Some of our very favorite restaurants, in fact, have published cookbooks and recipe compendiums, sharing some of their most popular dishes. Buying one now means a quick and helpful injection of cash into their system. From Tartine’s famous sourdough in San Francisco to hot curries via London’s Dishoom, many of these great cookbooks include fun histories of the eatery itself, as well as favorite recipes and step-by-step directions on how to nail them.

Since you can’t be there in person, replicating your favorite restaurant’s best dishes may be the next best thing. So until our favorite outposts open again for sit-down service, here are a few restaurant cookbooks to tide you over.

Note: Where possible we’ve linked directly to the restaurant’s e-commerce page as they are likely to earn more than through third-party sellers. 

“The Moosewood Restaurant Table Cookbook,” $35 on Moosewood


Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York has become one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in the country since it opened its doors in 1973. The “Moosewood Cookbook” was first published in 1977, and the many subsequent editions have been favorites of home cooks both of the vegetarian and carnivorous persuasion. You can buy six iterations of the “Moosewood Cookbook” directly from the site, including the latest: “The Moosewood Restaurant Table.” Buy Now

“Tartine Bread,” $25.49 on Amazon

Tartine Bakery

Now would be a great time to perfect your sourdough. Perhaps the most famous bakery in America, San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery & Cafe has been serving up incredible loaves and sandwiches since 2002. And luckily for those of us outside of the Bay Area, Tartine has also published several cookbooks with helpful tips and iconic recipes for basic country bread, semolina, and baguettes, all with step-by-step photos and instructions. This is a must-have for any carboholic.Buy Now   

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“Roberta’s Pizza Cookbook,” $24.94 on Amazon


If you live in North Brooklyn, you’ve probably waited in line for the chance to sit and eat chewy and delicious Neapolitan-style pizza at Roberta’s. The bustling, Michelin-starred pizza joint may be temporarily closed, but you can attempt to recreate some of its greatest hits like the famous Bee Sting with mozzarella, soppressata, red pepper flakes, and honey.Buy Now

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“Gather & Graze” by Stephanie Izard (The Girl & the Goat), $24.39 on Amazon

Stephanie Izard’s restaurants in Chicago are the cream of the crop, having won ALL the awards. In her first and only cookbook Izard (also known as the first female winner of “Top Chef“) delivers some of her best braises, sauces, appetizers, and more. Izard also has a line of signature sauces you can purchase online to put a little zing on your next thing.Buy Now

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“Carmine’s Family-Style Cookbook,” $25.49 on Amazon


When it comes to Broadway and New York’s Theater District, a few iconic eateries immediately come to mind. Joe Allen: undoubtedly the best place for a post-theater martini. Sardi’s: wonderful for celeb-spotting, both real life and the caricatures on the wall. And Carmine’s: a sprawling old-school Italian restaurant with meatballs as big as your head. The food there is solid, comforting, old Italian standby dishes, and you can make them at home with this colorful cookbook. Make a big plate of chicken parmesan and put “West Side Story” on the TV…it’ll be like nothing ever changed.Buy Now

“Pok Pok Cookbook,” $35 at Pok Pok

Pok Pok

After decades of traveling through Thailand, Andy Ricker (no, not Conan’s sidekick) opened Pok Pok in Portland and it has been a booming hit ever since. In his first cookbook, Ricker tackles head-on the myths that keep people from making Thai food at home: that it’s too spicy for the American palate or too difficult to source ingredients. Pick up some fish sauce and sambal and work your way through this tasty collection.Buy Now

“Antoine’s Restaurant Cookbook,” $19.95 on Antoine’s

Antoine’s Restaurant

 There isn’t a city whose restaurants have gone through more over the past several years than those in New Orleans. As one of the shining American food towns, Antoine’s has helped anchor the impressive roster of eateries since it opened in 1840. In their namesake cookbook, you can try your hand at Antoine’s classic, fancy French and American dishes like oysters Rockefeller or trout amandine.Buy Now

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“Dishoom: From Bombay with Love,” $27 on Dishoom


London may not be thought of as the greatest food city in Europe. but they’ve certainly got bragging rights when it comes to Indian fare. Dishoom is a phenomenon all on its own, and anyone its locations around London are generally packed to the gills. If you haven’t been and don’t plan to go soon, you can have a go at some of their delicious curries, dals, and naans with the Dishoom cookbook.Buy Now

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“Estela,” $35 on Workman Publishing


Over 133 recipes from one of New York’s worst kept secrets. Estela, the playful American fine dining outpost in Midtown East, released this recipe compendium two years ago to critical acclaim. Stunning photography meets (somewhat) easily executed recipes by chef and owner Ignacio Mattos. It will definitely put the glamor back into cooking at home.Buy Now

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