Location. Location. Location. Right?

Maybe not…

Perhaps you’ve been to a restaurant like this: nestled into the side of a mountain or perched along the shoreline with truly breathtaking views. Then the food comes out with all sorts of big “womp, womp” energy. 

tv timeWatch David Chang’s 'Ugly Delicious' Season 2 Trailer & Prepare to Get HungryAll too often restaurants housed in extraordinary settings rely heavily on that geographic allure and totally forget to deliver good, or even edible, food. But in a new series coming to Netflix this Friday, “Restaurants on the Edge,” a team of experts will attempt to deliver eateries in envious locations from culinary mediocrity (or worse). 

If you can’t get enough home design and restaurant makeover TV (and dig a comeback story!) this series may have you bingeing your weekend away. Watch as a seasoned restaurateur, chef, and interior designer swoop in to revamp shabby interiors, stale menus, and uninspired bar programs, all while helping restaurants forge better connections to their local culture and surroundings.

Season one will feature previously flailing outposts in far off Malta, Hong Kong, Tobermory (Canada), Costa Rica, Austria, and St. Lucia and you can safely count on jaw-dropping reveals and happy cries a-plenty. 

But will these restaurants on the literal and figurative edge make it? Fire up Netflix this weekend to find out.

Header image courtesy of Netflix.

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