Disney is officially diving into cooking shows. “Be Our Chef”—a quiet nod to the “Beauty and the Beast” song—is the first cooking competition show that’s set to drop exclusively on Disney Plus in March. The series will follow five food-loving families as they face off making dishes inspired by a slew of Disney franchises—think Frozen and Cinderella, among many others. 

The show is hosted by actress Angela Kinsey of “The Office,” and the dishes will be judged by a smattering of chefs who are employed at Disney resorts. “Be Our Chef” will operate like so: Two families will compete at a time, crafting a slew of plates for the judges, in an attempt to win the ultimate prize of designing one dish that will be available to order at Disney World.

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And while you may think this is merely a cooking show comprising grown-ups, that’s hardly the case. Many of the families competing in the show are made up of a range of ages—from competitive 10-year-olds to passionate mothers and fathers—and it looks like there will be plenty of drama, ambitious young chefs, and impressed judges.

Check out the trailer, then tune in on Mar. 27 when “Be Our Chef” officially hits Disney Plus.

Header image courtesy of Disney+/Scott A. Miller.

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