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When it comes to vegan food, it’s often in its simplest, stripped-down version, a highlight of vegetables and occasionally the one-off meat substitute. But while veganism certainly revolves around abstaining from animal products, many classically animal-heavy dishes can still be veganified. 

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That’s what “Epic Vegan,” a cookbook from vegan chef Dustin Harder, is all about. Here, everything is over the top. The book is filled with recipes like coconut-cheddar fondue, breakfast nachos scattered with vegan sausage and pineapple chunks, buffalo cauliflower bites sprinkled with everything seasoning, and deep-dish brunch pizza, loaded with cheddar biscuits, mushrooms, and sausage gravy. All the recipes are fundamentally plant based, just viewed through a unique lens.

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Now that the weather outside is frightful, there’s no better time to jumpstart a baking project, and what better place to start than Dustin’s recipe for cinnamon rolls? Inspired by Cinnabon, this version stays true to the traditional recipe—minus butter, of course. The icing slathered on top is a killer mix of vegan butter, vegan cream cheese, and a dousing of vanilla extract; it’ll instantly melt into the hot, cinnamon-coated rolls, and should be consumed immediately.

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Cinnadiction Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are everyone’s decadent sinful delight. That cinnamon roll kiosk at the mall everyone loved in the ’90s, Cinnabon, is the inspiration for this roll. While they can be intimidating to tackle, nothing feels as satisfying as serving up warm homemade cinnamon rolls to your brunch guests. Just take your time and go step by step: While the dough is resting, make the filling; while the baked rolls are cooling, make the icing. Or assemble them the night before. Make-ahead hack: After the assembled, but unbaked, rolls have risen, cover the baking dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. The next day, remove the wrap, allow to come to room temperature, and bake according to recipe instructions:

Cinnadiction Rolls

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