Coffee, as in that humble, American-style cuppa joe, is getting some of its own back. There’s been a lot of buzz, starting with the Los Angeles Times and the LA Weekly about the Clover, some mysterious, quasi-magical machine that turns bitter coffee beans into gold on the tongue.

The new Groundwork café in the Higgins building downtown has a Clover, and the company is getting two more—probably for the Venice and Cahuenga Boulevard locations.

A Clover cup really lives up to the praise, hounds say, with a pure, smooth, full-bodied yet not bitter flavor. You can choose from any kind of beans they have in-house, and your cup is made to order. Panama coffee is $3.50 a cup.

Kaldi’s in Atwater Village has something slightly different going on: cold press coffee. Soaked in cold water overnight, the coffee grounds are then filtered out to leave a concentrated solution that you can add to cold or hot water for a full cup. It’s definitely less bitter than a regular brewed cup, but doesn’t fill annalulu with lyrical awe.

Groundwork [Downtown]
108 W. Second Street #107, Los Angeles

Kaldi [Atwater Village]
3147 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles

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