When Ohio State head coach Thad Matta screamed so hard on the sidelines that his gum popped out of his mouth, he casually picked it up and put it back in his cake hole. Unfortunately, everyone saw it.

“Food Falls on Floor—Do You Eat It?” ponders an article in the Orlando Sentinel. Using the gum incident as a jumping-off point, the piece busts the myth of the “three-second rule” (the theory that you can safely eat food that’s fallen on the floor as long as you pick it up within three seconds. In fact, time bears no relation to how many germs adhere to the dropped food) and reveals that the office candy bowl is teeming with bacteria (and not the good kind).

It also goes roving reporter and asks people where they draw the line on food on the floor.

Candace Barnes … will … eat a dropped piece of hard candy, prescription pill or slice of cheesecake if the top half did not touch the floor.

Will you eat the toast if it lands butter side down?

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