The blogs and rags have been going nuts with reports of the alleged breakup between Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi and her fatwa-inspiring novelist husband, Salman Rushdie.

According to The Transom in The New York Observer, Padma and Salman can thank Diane von Furstenberg’s big, fancy, wrap-dress mouth for leaking the news of possible marital strife.

Late last week, a source overheard designer Diane von Furstenberg obsessing over the news that the luscious Ms. Lakshmi, 36, was set to drop the 59-year-old novelist, her husband of three years, like a heavy sack of unread best-sellers.

The Observer piece adds that reps from all camps—von Furstenberg’s, Lakshmi’s, and Rushdie’s—were not able or willing to comment on the report.

However, a piece in London’s Daily Mail ventures, “Padma Lakshmi is said to have been telling friends she is leaving the Booker-prize winning novelist, who is 26 years her senior,” and the gossip-fueled Page Six of the New York Post notes that “nobody was denying” the von Furstenberg story.

And the reason for the split? Well, if the von Furstenbergian source can be trusted, it’s because Padma wants “to focus on her big Bravo hit, Top Chef.”

I must admit to being rather saddened by this news. I kind of had Padma and Salman fixed in my mind as one of those GE Profiler “Brains and Beauty” ads come to life.

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