Imagine a wedding dress made entirely of icing. Michele Hester did — complete with elaborate lace bustier and sleeves, flouncy skirt and a huge bow that looks like satin.

OK, sure, I can imagine that. And then I imagined a seminude bride running from a Lutheran church shrieking with embarrassment as rivulets of sweaty sugar syrup that used to be an $8,000 novelty wedding dress streaked off her body, much to the horror and amusement of several hundred assembled guests.

The Lansing State Journal reports on what promises to be a quantum leap in the field of edible lingerie, a new product known as SugarVeil that can hang in sheets from cabinets, chairs, sofas, and nubile naked bodies.

The superflexible (and durable) new form of icing makes decorating cakes with fancy-schmancy designs simpler, something attested to by the admittedly kick-ass photograph of a dolled-up cake that accompanies the Journal’s story.

So as you confront the twin horrors of global warming and a nuclear-armed Iran, take comfort: At least the field of cake decorating is making bold strides into a better tomorrow.

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