“Let me make this clear,” says vincentlo. “The dishes at Nami Nami are phenomenal. … It is already uncommon to see a kitchen truly excel in almost every dish on the menu, but it is indeed awe-inspiring—and yes to me it was an experience really this rare—to see a restaurant try so many innovations in an established cuisine and yet be able to come out with such polished results.”

Take ohitashi. In most Japanese restaurants, this is tired spinach in soy sauce. At Nami Nami, ohitashi is a gem of a dish, made with ever so slightly spicy crysanthemum leaves, perfectly complemented with the oceanic flavors of salmon roe. Or their beef tongue, cooked to such a velvety texture that it’s no longer recognizable as tongue. And the steamed monkfish liver with ponzu sauce is truly delicious, says hhc.

It is nice, says K K to have a real Kappo-style Japanese restaurant, amidst the deluge of ramen, shabu shabu, and sushi joints. There is sushi here, but perhaps you ought to revel in the small cooked dishes which are Nami Nami’s specialty.

Nami Nami Kyoto Style Japanese Cuisine [Peninsula]
240 Castro Street, Mountain View

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