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The sudden dip in temperatures has our heads spinning, so it only makes sense to keep ourselves grounded with a bevy of new grocery offerings that aim to satisfy and sustain. We were quite impressed with nearly everything on today’s Chub Chub Chowdown segment on the Taylor Strecker Show, which we’ve laid out in detail below. Which one are you excited to try most? Hint: It should be something you sip!

Minna Sparkling Tea (Tropical Green Tea)

We are beyond obsessed with this line of sparkling teas. So refreshing, so flavorful, and all without the guilt of added sugars. In fact, this may take the spot of our beloved LaCroix in the office refrigerator. As a non-coffee drinker, I also appreciate the slight kick of caffeine to help me power through a day of meetings and annoying deadlines. Two enthusiastic and bubbly thumbs up!

Frutati Hard Candy

The unique flavor iterations are what make these suckers pop, but don’t expect exclusively tangy or sour notes that resemble actual fruit. These are a bit creamy, but with a slightly bitter aftertaste that may be quite polarizing to many. If you need any convincing, celebrity makeup artist Jasen Kaplen is a huge pineapple candy aficionado and says these are great. And the beauty of these bags is that there should be a flavor for everyone!

Sound Tea-Infused Sparkling Water (Grapefruit and Lavender Ginger Tea)

You’ve got to really like herbs and more exotic ingredients to enjoy this particular flavor (heavy on lavender and light on ginger), but their other varieties, including a lime and cardamom-infused rose tea, are more delicate on the palate and pretty freakin’ fantastic. Like Minna above, we really think this can become part of our daily sparkling beverage rotation

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs 

Dried Turkish fruit is apparently the best kind of dried fruit because these bad boys were beyond delicious. They’d make an amazing addition to any charcuterie board or lunch box and provide some pretty good health benefits (despite the naturally high sugar content). As if we needed another reason to visit Istanbul!

Marky’s Caviar Butter

Treat yo’self! This decadent spread strikes a perfect balance between salty and creamy, making it an ideal (albeit extravagant) topping for your morning bagel. We can also imagine that this would taste insane on a protein like lobster or steak, which means we now know exactly what we’re asking for this holiday season. Are you listening, Santa?

Eaton Hemp Super Squares (Walnut Apple Cinnamon)

While we appreciated the complex texture play (despite its initial cardboard-esque mouthfeel), the hemp taste was a bit too strong for our liking. It tasted too healthy and even though hemp is a beloved superfood that we frequently incorporate into our diets, we wanted more of the seasonal apple cinnamon flavors to shine. That being said, these are absolutely addictive…so despite our initial reservations, we could easily kill a bag in one sitting.

Franciacorta Sparkling Wine

Champagne, cava, and Prosecco have become brunch-time specials, but it may be time to add Franciacorta to the mix. The sparkling Italian wine is made through the same methods as Champagne, but with different grapes and a slightly different fermentation process. This makes the wine a bit drier than Champagne, but less fruity than Prosecco. Buy a bottle and give it a try! But don’t drown it in orange juice at first and appreciate the subtle nuances of this lovely bottle.

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