Tea—hot and cold, old-school and new—is the main event at Gramstand. jenny O is hooked on Mocha Grey Latte, a milky-chocolatey Earl Grey variation, and the bracing, herbaceous Eucalyptus Well. Also recommended: Citrus Berry, a refreshing cold beverage sweetened with Korean citrus honey, and the eye-catching Hibiscus Pear, which gradually turns from yellow to red thanks to a hibiscus leaf steeped in the sweet, fruity brew.

More traditional choices include Dragon Well green tea, Shou Mei white, and the signature Gramstandard, a Sri Lankan black tea with hints of mango and magnolia. No reports yet on the food—they serve sandwiches, pastries, and other bites.

Gramstand, which started out on Irving Place, moved in January to its current, larger space on Avenue A. It’s a warm and welcoming hangout, says westpointisland. If the tea isn’t stimulating enough, diversions include free wi-fi and Lego sets.

Gramstand [East Village]
214 Ave. A, between E. 13th and 14th Sts., Manhattan

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