Do you like hummus? You’re not alone! “Hummus is hot,” reports the Cincinnati Post. With a straight face, we presume.

Yes, the paper (via the Associated Press) devotes nearly 1,000 words to the meteoric rise of the humble-but-delicious Middle Eastern dip. And why not? The quotes are priceless:

When a recent snowstorm threatened, David Durcsak didn’t take chances. He stocked up on hummus. ‘I bought some yesterday but I’m buying a second to keep on hand,’ he said while shopping in the deli aisle of an Arlington, Va. supermarket. ‘I like to see it in the house.’

Perhaps more surprising, until recently few of the farmers who grow the chickpeas destined for tubs of hummus had heard of the product. [Garbanzo bean farmer Jim] Hermann said he first bought hummus six months ago. He liked it so much he gave it as Christmas gifts.

As much as I like visualizing a Christmas stocking full of hummus, I probably shouldn’t mock. On a recent trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to visit family, I found a recipe next to the telephone, apparently handwritten by my mom while chatting. It read: “Puree a can of chickpeas ….”

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