Oh, to be in Burgundy for the wine harvest—the rolling vineyards, the vines turning red and gold, the anticipation and excitement. If you can’t make it this year, Chez Pim has the next best thing.

Ms. Pim has drafted friend and winemaker Jeremy Seysses, of Domaine Dujac, to serve as guest blogger, writing about this year’s grape harvest. His report unveils some of the many factors that go into the complex dance that is winemaking. From fears of frost during bud break to the dangers of summertime hailstorms that may damage fruit and the disappointment of gray rot (see, you too will be able to talk like a winemaker), it is a fascinating look behind the scenes at winemaking.

The series will continue next week, chronicling the process of the harvest. Whether or not you are an oenophile, it’s well worth the read.

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