Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle
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Mother’s Day in the time of coronavirus is probably not going to be what you’re used to, but you can still treat the most important woman in your life to a gift she’ll love. Don’t forget to Skype her too, of course; a virtual hug is better than none at all. As for the other present, if your mom is all about her java, these are the best gifts to give your favorite coffee lover.

If there’s one phrase most moms tend to repeat more than any other, it’s, “More. Coffee. Now.” Clearly morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee is essential to #momlife—especially if you’re a mom with an infant—and it’s time to celebrate her love of all things caffeine-related with a Mother’s Day present as life-saving as her favorite espresso. Whether you go with a travel-sized coffee grinder she never knew she needed or even a coffee subscription that arrives at her door, the gift possibilities for a coffee lover are endless, making Mother’s Day shopping blissfully stress-free. And if your mom (or you) is the type of coffee addict who knows exactly which Colombian region her beans come from, or just always has her favorite Dunkin’ blend brewing anytime someone pops by, we’ve got the perfect caffeine-minded gift below.

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Brewing Set, $99 at Sur La Table

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Brewing Set

Sur La Table

Pour-overs are a huge hit because the filter and slow pour-over method enhance the aroma and bring out the flavor of the beans, making your cup of joe that much extra. This particular portable pour-over is great for moms who like to enjoy one cup at home with the morning paper and take another cup with them to work (and aren’t down with chain coffee). We also love the sleek lines of this beaker-like coffee maker that will look fantastic on your mom’s desk or in her kitchen, whether she’s caffeinating up or not.Buy Now

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother, $229.95 at Williams Sonoma

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother

Williams Sonoma

If there’s one thing we know about moms, it’s that they love their morning coffee…and George Clooney. Commercial espresso machines are outrageously expensive, but if your mom is jonesing for an espresso and only espresso come 3:30pm and you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw down right now, the Nespresso is your best bet. One of the more affordable espresso makers out there, this machine uses disposable pods to create a bold and instant cup. It even comes with a milk frother if your mom like a macchiato instead.Buy Now

Bolio Reusable Hemp Coffee Filters, 12 for $12.99 on Etsy

Bolio Reusable Hemp Coffee Filters

Bolio Designs / Etsy

Anyone else have a mom who loves coffee, but threw out her Keurig because she was worried about K-cups destroying the environment? These washable and reusable coffee filters are practically invented for your earth warrior princess mother. The best part about these filters is that they are bacteria resistant, since coffee filters are known to stay wet and soggy. Now your mom can enjoy her Free Trade eco-friendly coffee, guilt-free.Buy Now

Espro P1 Travel Coffee Coffee Press, $39.95 at Nordstrom

Espro P1 Travel Coffee Coffee Press


Who doesn’t love ordering an indulgent French press coffee at a hipster coffee shop on a Monday when you need a serious pick-me-up? Of course the very people who need it most—mothers, obviously—don’t have the time to wait in line for that delicious life-blood. Which is why moms who love a French press are going to die for this portable coffee maker that looks like a standard travel coffee mug. She can make it at home or in the office and never have to silently curse the snaking line at the coffee shop again. The heat-insulated container keeps it warm for hours—a perfect gift for moms who commute or cheer on their crew from the sidelines of the Saturday soccer game.Buy Now

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister with Scoop and Travel Jar, $23.99 on Amazon

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister with Scoop and Travel Jar


Coffee does have a shelf life, and those of us who have tasted coffee made from old beans will be the first to tell you drinking coffee made from old beans tastes like it sounds. Oxygen and moisture can turn coffee beans bad, so it’s imperative for your mom to store her beans in an airtight container, like this stainless steel canister. The coolest part? The date tracking wheel on the lid lets your mom knows how long she’s been storing her beans in order to maintain ultimate freshness. Plus, it comes with a tiny travel jar to keep your coffee beans fresh to use with her new travel French press or pour-over.Buy Now

King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder, $7.95 on King Arthur

King Arthur Flour espresso powder for baking and desserts


When you’re obsessed with coffee, sometimes drinking it in liquid form just isn’t enough. And since mainlining it isn’t an option, why not give your mom something she can use to bake her favorite flavor into her favorite dessert?  Espresso powder (beans dried and ground until they’re impossibly fine) is mostly used for accentuating and enriching the flavor of chocolate. If your mom is as into chocolate as she is into coffee, she’s gonna want to start baking with espresso powder.Buy Now

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle, $34 on Food52

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle


Summer’s right around the corner and that means cold brew season will swiftly be upon us. Every coffee connoisseur knows cold brew is quite different from iced coffee, as cold brew beans are steeped versus boiled in concentrate, providing a smoother, less bitter taste than an iced coffee. Because of the lighter flavor, moms who love a light roast will adore this cold brew infuser that can hold up to four cups of coffee stored in the fridge. Not to mention, great gift for moms with reflux issues, as cold brew is almost 65 percent less acidic than regular brewed coffee. This Japanese-designed cold brew is super easy to use.Buy Now

Wax and Wick Espresso Scented Soy Wax Candle, $35 on Amazon

Wax and Wick espresso scented soy candle


If your mom has her morning caffeine grind (pun intended) nailed and couldn’t possibly use any new coffee tools, go for something that allows her to enjoy coffee without being wide awake at 11 p.m., like this espresso scented candle. Soy candles always make for a great gift and true coffee lovers want to be surrounded by the aroma of espresso beans day or night. Help your momma fill her home with her favorite scent, and think of you every time she does.Buy Now

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