At the Mitsuwa mini-mall, whose Japanese supermarket and food court draw packs of hounds, the chow action starts in the parking lot. There, on the sidewalk outside the Sanseido bookstore, a vendor hawks a classic Japanese street bite: yaki imo, or grilled sweet potatoes.

She offers two kinds, one with yellow flesh and one with purple, wrapped in foil and cooked right on the grill. surly finds both varieties sweet, delicious, and irresistibly soft on the inside. They’re $5 a pound, which amounts to two average-sized potatoes. The sweet potato lady sets up shop on weekends and deals her hot spuds from around 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sweet potato vendor [Bergen County]
outside Sanseido bookstore at Mitsuwa Marketplace, 595 River Rd., Edgewater, NJ

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japanese sweet potato lady at mitsuwa

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